This Is The First Day Of My Life

Just as Leroy left for his furever home, Winnipeg Animal Services sent out a cry for help to dog lovers and rescuers alike. They were on overflow alert again and desperately needed someone to take a few dogs.  We were down to just Sunny and Churchill and figured we could help out by taking in another dog.

The girls at Jenn’s Furry Friends Rescue are so sweet, they basically told me to look through the list of dogs and find someone we would like to foster. I immediately saw Patches and knew she needed our help. A seven year old dog in a kill shelter that just went into overflow.. I know I’m a worrier but I had a feeling that she wouldn’t last long.  We acted quickly and went to pick up our newest little foster.

My heart sank as the vet was telling us about her issues, 10-15 lbs overweight,  okay.. we can fix that. Gingivitis – needs a good tooth cleaning, that’s pretty common for older dogs.  And then we came to the infection and urine scald all on
her underside and hind legs. I’ll save you all the gory details but lets just say this poor soul hasn’t had the best life, but we are going to change that for her!

You know what the best part about bringing home a rescue dog is? After they realize that you just want to care for them, they get that little smile on their face. Patches definitely knows her life is going to be amazing. Starting today.

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Just A Quick Pic

I just wanted to share a picture that I took last night before Leroy went to his forever home. Yep Sunny moved a bit but do you know how hard it is to take a picture of three dogs? Someone is either barking, sneezing or being distracted!

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You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello.

Well, our little Leroy is going to his FURever home tonight! We met the couple last week, they’d been wanting a bulldog for some time now and didn’t want to go to a breeder. It was a match made in heaven if you ask me!  While our time was short with Leroy, I definitely fell in love with him and I’m really going to miss him.  I definitely would have foster failed if it weren’t for the fact that he doesn’t do well with cats!

I’ve said my goodbyes, given him a million hugs, and now its time for him to live a new life!  Like all dogs at Jenn’s Furry Friends, Leroy will go for adoption trial for up to two weeks to make sure its a good fit, so please join me in crossing fingers and toes for him!

In other news,  Sunny is back with us. She was dropped off yesterday and we’re super happy to have her back though hoping she gets adopted soon! Her first birthday is coming up soon and her birthday wish is for a loving family to call her own.

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The Bulldog Burrito (Bundle Your Bully!)

The closer we get to dealing with our infamous -40’c weather, here in Winnipeg, the lazier bulldogs get. What I assumed to be a “Churchill thing” seems to be a bulldog thing. They sleep a little more, they’re a little slower in the morning. In fact, I’m sure if they had their way they would just hibernate the winter away.  It’s that time of year people, Bulldog Burrito season has arrived!

Owners of Golden Retrievers or Border Collies will be quick to laugh and accuse me of dressing my dog for vanity reasons however, bulldogs and other short haired dogs don’t have undercoats and need all the help they can get!

My rule of thumb has always been that if I needed a jacket, my dog probably does too but your dog will let you know. Churchill has 2 hoodies and a winter jacket that depending on the weather, we can swap out or double up.

Bulldogs are very temperature sensitive, so make sure you are bundling your bully if you live in a cold climate like we do!


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The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!

This weekend marks the first heavy snowfall here in Winnipeg, and the first major snowstorm is rumored to be happening this weekend.  We have yet to receive the brunt of it but we  got a pretty good dusting of an inch or two last night and no one was happier than Churchill!  This morning, he ran outside with the exuberance of a puppy and had a big romp around the backyard. Kicking up snow, eating it and doing bunny hops. Leroy on the other hand, nearly needed to be shoved out the back door and persuaded not to pee right on the deck.

Last night, I spoke with a couple that was very interested in adopting Leroy and depending on road conditions, they will be coming to meet with him tomorrow. They seemed very excited and I hope it works out! I also received confirmation that Sunny will definitely be coming back to the rescue, her adopters gave it another week and I guess it didn’t help.

Nevertheless, we are thrilled to have her back in our home!  A few entries ago, we had been contemplating adopting her, but after giving it some thought,  we’ve decided that we aren’t the right adoptive home for her as much as we love her.  Truth be told, she’s an active dog and we aren’t active people.  I would hate for her to not live her life to the fullest because of us.  However, she will always have a place in our home until her family shows up.

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Bulldogs! Bulldogs everywhere!

Churchill is feeling so much better and gets his stitches out this week! He’s also destroyed his cone, which is fine by me! I was getting so tired of being nudged down the stairs by a lampshade pressing against my butt.

Yesterday, we became a foster home again, I am so excited about that because it felt really lonely in the house with only one dog! Churchill loves having another dog in the house too. And so, without further adieu, may I introduce you to Leroy! 

Leroy is a bulldog boxer cross. He’s smaller than Churchill by an inch or two, but he’s extremely wide and just a tad overweight. He’s six years old, hates my cats and his tongue doesn’t fit in his mouth. He snores, he’s slobbery but I love him!

Right now, I’m trying to get him to be respectful of the cats and realize that he’s not the center of attention. And so, Leroy is on a short leash while he learns how to be a dog that has rules and doesn’t always get what he wants. Even when he starts to cry. Which is quite often. 

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Doggy Math

At the time of the last post, we had three dogs. Churchill, Sunny and Doubledee.  It was hectic, but I wouldn’t change it for the world, I love having a house full of dogs.. However, that changed when almost two weeks ago, Churchill swallowed an 18 inch rope that got stuck in his stomach and intestines.

Having to rush my dog to the animal hospital because he was lethargic and vomiting is not something I consider to be a good time. But then again, neither was my dog having an emergency enterotomy,  or the giant vet bill that came with it!

While Church was at the hospital, we were down to two.  And in the middle of this, Sunny was going to her new home!  It wasn’t as heartbreaking as I thought it would be, but it was still sad to see her drag her new owner to the car, not knowing that she would never see us again.

When Churchill came home,  I wanted a nice quiet atmosphere for my dog to heal up and Doubledee being the puppy that he is, was just not conducive to that type of environment. He went to a new foster home and is hoping to get adopted soon!

That brings us to where we are now. One dog who is clearly not happy that he is the only dog (I don’t like it much either). However, unfortunately (or fortunately..) Sunny’s new home wasn’t working out and they’re returning her. As soon as I found out I told the rescue that we would of course take her back in! Adopting Sunny is currently in discussion, we need to make sure she’s the right dog for us.. but either way,  that will bring us back to two.

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