This Is The First Day Of My Life

Just as Leroy left for his furever home, Winnipeg Animal Services sent out a cry for help to dog lovers and rescuers alike. They were on overflow alert again and desperately needed someone to take a few dogs.  We were down to just Sunny and Churchill and figured we could help out by taking in another dog.

The girls at Jenn’s Furry Friends Rescue are so sweet, they basically told me to look through the list of dogs and find someone we would like to foster. I immediately saw Patches and knew she needed our help. A seven year old dog in a kill shelter that just went into overflow.. I know I’m a worrier but I had a feeling that she wouldn’t last long.  We acted quickly and went to pick up our newest little foster.

My heart sank as the vet was telling us about her issues, 10-15 lbs overweight,  okay.. we can fix that. Gingivitis – needs a good tooth cleaning, that’s pretty common for older dogs.  And then we came to the infection and urine scald all on
her underside and hind legs. I’ll save you all the gory details but lets just say this poor soul hasn’t had the best life, but we are going to change that for her!

You know what the best part about bringing home a rescue dog is? After they realize that you just want to care for them, they get that little smile on their face. Patches definitely knows her life is going to be amazing. Starting today.


About Zee

I live with 3 cats, 1 dog and keep a spot open on our bed for foster animals. I love MMORPGs, marketing analysis and learning new programming languages.
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2 Responses to This Is The First Day Of My Life

  1. Ogee says:

    Lucky Patches! We knew you couldn’t have a one-third empty house for long 🙂

  2. Wishing Patches all the best and so glad you adopted.

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